Venture company


Miyazaki University is a venture company that mainly proliferates seedlings in order to spread the fruit tree persimmon “MKR-1” (dwarf rootstock) registered as seedlings to commercial cultivation sites in Japan and overseas. However, since it is essential to use the culture system and mist cutting technology developed by Professor Takuya Tetsumura of the Faculty of Agriculture for its growth, we will provide the technology for a fee and actually produce seedlings externally. Seedlings shall be provided to domestic production areas. Overseas, the tendency to cultivate Japanese fruit trees will continue to be widespread, and seedlings will be cultivated in each country that wishes to cultivate persimmons using this seedling. Currently, applications have been approved for China and Vietnam. sales will be registered in Australia and Israel in the future. In the future, not only persimmons, but also apple, cherry, chestnut, and peach dwarf rootstocks will be propagated and seedling sales will be expanded to rootstock varieties developed in collaboration with Professor Tetsumura.

Rootstock production

Vegetative propagation by mist & fog cuttings using scions collected from Mericlon-derived mother trees and rootstock mother trees (Hikobae) "(Miyazaki University development)