Fruit tree sales

Produce fruit tree seedlings that can grow only with RIFNUM and produce seedlings that are difficult to grow using special techniques. As fruit tree rootstocks (handling fruit trees), not only high-quality Japanese fruit trees such as persimmons, peaches, chestnuts, apples, grapes, pears, lychees, and kabosu, but also overseas fruit trees are available, and excellent seedlings that the producers have noticed. Only sells. The company is aiming to produce 20,000 oysters, 20,000 apples, 1,000 peaches, 1,000 loquats, 100,000 grapes, and 4,000 lychees.

Potted seedlings

We have a wide range of potted seedlings that you can enjoy delicious fruit cultivation right away, and we deliver healthy seedlings that are easy to grow even for beginners and bear fruit well. We have a large selection of saplings that are smaller than usual and suitable for cultivation in detached houses and condominiums, and we have a wealth of cultivation know-how.

The merits of varieties suitable for household cultivation are ① space saving and ② water saving, and the yield per seedling is about the same as that of normal varieties, so it is also suitable for household cultivation even in central Tokyo.

Fashionable fruit tree cultivation in the home garden

Viticulture using the latest technology


Online sales La-Fruta sells Fruit tree sales, fertilizers, pesticides, potting soil for pot cultivation, and materials such as pots.

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