Shigemasa Farm

~Mie Town, Bungo Ono City, Oita Prefecture~

This area, which can be said to be the navel of eastern Kyushu, will play a role as a base for collecting and transmitting information on agriculture, especially fruit trees. At the same time, regarding the production of agricultural products, the following three pillars will be effectively utilized, and of course in the local Oita prefecture, it will also play a role in contributing to the future development of the domestic fruit industry. At the same time, it will be a base for widely disseminating its own brand power overseas and proposing a future image of fruit trees with an eye on the future from both inside and outside Japan.

Three pillars

①Distribution base

(production / distribution)

②Technical capabilities

(technology development and promotion)

③Human Resources

(Development of leaders)

  • ​Seed production area

    Producing unique seedlings as a venture company certified by the University of Miyazaki.
    Produce seeds and seedlings that can contribute to the productivity improvement of Oita Prefecture's strategic items such as kabos, pears, peaches, and grapes.

  • Research fruit growing area

    Experiments new varieties of fruit trees and new technologies developed at Miyazaki University and in-house, and develops new varieties that take advantage of the uniqueness of the company, which is good at rootstock development In addition, we will conduct research that will help the problem solving as a seed and seed supplier regarding current and future issues.

  • Future fruit growing area

    The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is engaged in the super dense planting labor-saving cultivation of fruit trees, has the possibility of reorganizing not only the prefecture but also other production areas, and has a sample garden that can be positively engaged in the formation of production areas to promote new fruit trees.
    In particular, our company plays a role as a demonstration field using high-performance rootstock, which is unique.

  • Factory

    Produce processed products using farm products for domestic use in the sixth industry.

  • Restaurant / Shop

    While there is a possibility that raw fruit consumption will continue to decrease, we will aim to stimulate fruit demand by creating new utilization value of fruits by ourselves and disseminating originality trends.
    In addition to making it an attractive facility that can be passed on to the next generation, we aim to make it a facility not only in Oita Prefecture but also in Kyushu and overseas.
    It has a function as a base for information that can transmit the seasonality of fruit trees and the regional color of Oita.

Future image of the facility

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