Comprehensive support for opening an orchard
ー From large-scale enterprise management to hobby gardening ー

To companies planning to commercialize orchards and tourist farms

Do you think farming is done by farmers? It's not like that anymore.
Agriculture has become an era in which companies also operate as businesses. In recent years, commercialization of large-scale orchards and tourist farms by domestic and foreign companies and governments is increasing. Japanese fruits, which are excellent in taste, aroma, and appearance, are highly evaluated overseas, but on the other hand, there are many concerns about the risks that are difficult to predict in nature-based agriculture.
Therefore, we offer a total solution to help you from business planning to construction and local cultivation technology guidance.


Those who are thinking about cultivating fruit trees and who dream of making fruits after retirement.

Everyone who is planning to grow fruit trees by new farming, everyone who has a dream of making fruits after retirement. We will consult with you regarding selection of varieties, soil improvement, planting methods, cultivation management methods. We are committed to helping you realize your dreams.


Our solution


① Providing fruit tree cultivation know-how

We provide cultivation techniques accumulated as a producer of various fruit trees


​ ② Sales of fruit tree seedlings of more than 700 varieties

We handle more than 700 fruit tree varieties in Japan and overseas. In addition to selling, they also produce seedlings themselves. We also provide many seedlings that meet our customers' needs, as we have many overseas transactions.


③ Local guidance in Japan and overseas

​Providing fruit tree cultivation know-how It is necessary to properly manage the cultivation of fruit trees in consideration of climate conditions such as temperature and precipitation in the cultivation area. Our engineer goes to the site and gives direct guidance.


Introduction and construction of facilities according to the business plan. In addition, we provide total support from soil improvement to introduction and placement of materials necessary for cultivation.

④ Locating materials needed for cultivation from facility planning


in スペイン (カキ)
in オーストラリア (アボカド)
in 和歌山 (観光果樹園開園)
in 熊本 (ワインブドウ)
in 鹿児島 (ライチ)
in 福岡 (マンゴー)

Auto parts manufacturer (Hiroshima)

Wine grapes

Winery (Tottori)

Wine grapes

Japanese sweets maker (2013 Okayama)

Support for in-house production of fruit juice (Muscat of Alexandria) for confectionery

Miyazaki Prefecture Litchi Cultivation Research Group (2012)

Localization and cultivation of production farmers by introducing new fruit trees (litchi)

Bungo-Ono City, Oita Prefecture (2015)

"Roadside station" related support (peach)

Fukuoka Prefecture Tagawa-gun Tourist Orchard (2014)

Coordination tourism orchard creation support(Mango, lychee, grape, peach)

Brewing company (Oita)

Wine grapes

Construction company (2016 Wakayama)

Tourist farm (strawberry picking, various fruit trees)